Mar 10, 2011

ch ch ch changes....

Okay, Ill give an update on some of the other stuff at the end of this post....

Two months ago my husband and I decided to start eating healthier, so we started buying more veggies, sugar free and low fat options etc... but then a few weeks later we were bored and watching netflix. We came across the movie FOOD INC. and OMG, (yes I said OMG) it completely changed the way we look at our food and our lives. I would encourage anyone and everyone to watch this and then to continue to do research and educate yourselves.

That being said, we decided to really make a change. We have begun the process of switching to only eating Organic (and local when possible) foods. It is just that, a process. We did donate some of the HFCS things in our house, dumped the non organic ground beef and are almost all organic in our pantry and fridge. Soon we will probably be 98% organic. I can not wait until its farmers market season! We have started to add daily vitamins as well. Since the change we have felt better inside and out.(Tom has lost about 8 lbs) Our way of thinking has changed and this is starting to also turn us a little more green each day. We will be stopping the use of chemicals in our house to clean and use vinegar, baking soda etc... combinations instead. ( thats a whole nother blog!)

We do not want the GMO's food in our house or bodies, HFCS etc... I would rather you all just watch this movie and then FOOD MATTERS as well to really get an idea about this lifestyle change.

So what about the budget???

For years I said I could never shop organic or "healthy". I was wrong. Its all about change, we no longer eat out at fast food restaurants because they are not organic and instead that money we spent now goes into the grocery budget. Ive found its not that much more, with couponing and shopping around the difference is marginal. We make it a family day when we go to whole foods and the kids are starting to love their veggies now, as they really get to pick what they eat. Ive also found that my taste buds are changing. I crave good organic food, not the greasy fries and hamburger..those actually make me sick. My mother alwyas says "pay now or pay later" and shes right. I want to be around for my kids I want to see them live healthy lives and not end up in the hospital later or be on pills because of a choice as simple as eating healthy and organic!

Bottom line.. watch the movie and pass this knowledge on to a friend so they too can live healthier lives. (its streaming on netflix and amazon)


so here is a bit of fun..
3 years ago I participated in an online challege about what our food says about us. This was the video:

Now here is what our fridge looks like today: We are well on our way!

okay so for some of the other updates:
The pharmecutical company 100% approved the meds!  I have had a few flair ups but they are getting farther apart.
School is going great as well as work, it is keeping me super busy as well.
Sammy has been doing awesome in Gymnastics, and is excited to start T ball in April! (look out for photos!)


Laramie said...

I haven't seen it yet but my sisters family changed everything about their food choice after seeing it. She say's it's amazing!

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