Jul 16, 2008

ITS A...........

so baby was breech and wasnt going to cooperate but the doc was awesome...and 20 min later we got the good shot..
and some other profile shots! dont mind the dinosaur.. i have a frontal placenta which makes 3ds hard but I still think shes cute.. and get to go back for more in 3 weeks

I knew in my heart she was DELILAH GRACE!

time to make bows kristy!

Jul 11, 2008


well the new OB is awesome and rocks! and well the baby... DID NOT Cooperate! arghhh.. legs closed so tight the whole time! He tried to push and push and push and nothing. the good news is that while the legs were super close together, i watched and was pretty sure I still saw the 5 lines and lack of male anatomy. and I asked doc and he couldnt see any male things either.. but couldn't confirm girl. so now I have to wait untill next week. arghhhh.. wednesday!!!

and my placenta is frontal which is why im not feeling hard kicks. but baby is 9oz so far! hb was 157 and super healthy! all my tests came back normal! so now I just have to wait! but I will get a video on wednesday and hopefully she will still be a she

Jul 6, 2008

Almost 18 weeks