Sep 11, 2011

The busy(ness) began

and mom (me) has no wiggle room!

Two Mondays ago we began with the kindergarten year of homeschooling for Sam. It is way more intense than I had anticipated. I don't know what I expected but Im sure in the weeks to come I will get this schedule down and it wont seem so stressful. He has 7, YES 7 subjects. Math, Literature Arts, Science, Social Studies, German, Language Arts (reading) and Handwriting. It does end up taking about 5 hours to complete it all. And now with the CO-OP starting I have no idea how I will manage it all.
Let me break down my schedule for you all!

Monday : Homeschool for 5 hours, I have school from 3-10 then bed ( find time to sneak in dinner)

Tuesday: Every other Tuesday is MOPS, then we come home and Homeschool, (or homeschool all day on the OFF weeks.) dinner, bed

Wednesday: Co-op and then my school from 3-6, Dinner, Homeschool, bed

Thursday: Homeschool for 5 hours, Awanas, Study time for me, Dinner and bed

Friday: Homeschool, bible study every other week, Dinner and bed

Saturday: my day to play catch up if I dont have a photo shoot

Sunday; Work in the AM, family day in the PM ( and homework again)

and start over!

whewwwww CAN I BREATH YET?

thats also doing all the normal Mom and Wife, Work duties throughout the week.

I CAN DO THIS... I try and repeat this each day. And yes, there are some bad days where the kids or I just arent having a good day.. but the good days are there too and those are awesome and make it all worth wile!

Oh and two new things: Sam has decided to be the 10th version of Dr. Who for halloween. ( David Tennant) and I am in the process of putting together the costume and today I finally found a trench coat that will work. Still waiting on the sonic screwdriver of course! (dont mind our messy homeschool station!)

and on an even bigger note. Delilah is POTTY TRAINED! this is huge. ( and she loves her "panties") two kids out of diapers! woo hoo!