Aug 24, 2009

Hows it been going?

How has it been going you ask?

Well mostly my answer is good! Ive been trying to keep them busy with activities and Themes. Last week on one of the days we did a Fish Theme! We watched Nemo, read fishy books like Rainbow Fish and did a fish art project.

Im enjoying these theme days. I have Paul for 2 weeks and then when he starts his school is when we will start our school as well! I want to go along the public school calendar as much as possible.

This week we are doing some interesting themes! Today for example is a "lying" theme. We will be watching Larry boy and the fib from outerspace. And reading some bible vs on honesty and will be making a belt of TRUTH! I chose to do this theme because the boys all seem to be in this lying blame game. Something will happen and they will blame someone else. Sam for instance will blame paul or christopher when they arent even here! which then he will turn and blame his sister. (that one is quite funny secretly though! the thought of my 8m old doing the things is a crack up). Or they will say "I dont know" when something happens. So Im hoping this will help.

Im still not sure what the rest of the week holds yet.. but Im sure God will reveal it to me. Ill let you know when I do! haha

Speaking of God.. haha. I have got to get better at waking up and praying for my day and for the children. One of the days last week was really hard on me and I ended up loosing it and calling my sister in tears because I was so worn out. I know God has it all under control too. but man I felt bad that day. Im choosing to get up and start the day in prayer. I think Ill even include the kids in that prayer. Soon as the boys arrive we can all sit down and pray together for the day and our actions etc..

Aug 17, 2009

Jury Duty

So I got a notice of Jury Duty a few days ago and Im still playing tag with the lady at the courthouse to find out if I can get out of it! Im pretty sure that because Im a nursing mother I can get out of it. But I need the clarification from her first! so again here I sit on hold with the office! arghh

We Have a super busy week ahead of us! Today we had the playroom play date and it was super fun! Cass came with me and that was nice for her and I to have some alone time to just sit and bond! We have way more in common than we thought! Tuesday I have all the kids(mine and Paul and Christopher) and then Wednesday we have a pump it up play date and I know the boys will be excited about that! Im hoping that no one gets hurt this time! Last time Sam bounced right out of the bounce house and we took him to the ER for fear he had a concussion! ( he didnt!) and then on Thursday we have a tour of the firestation which Im stoked about.. Sam is going to be so happy! and hopefully all this will make it till payday! Which then I need to grocery shop. Whew

Speaking of that, Im getting uber creative with the food this week as we have none! haha.. Today its mac n cheese casserole with Kilbasa! Im actually working on putting together a recipe booklet based around Wic food items. Which Im also hoping will improve once the fresh fruits and veggies come in. I know all of us Wic moms are ready for that to start! Thanks to my grandma who actually is the one who took that idea to Washington and got it passed! Go grams!

Oh and I was really excited I got a great deal on construction paper at Target. Its going to make any art projects that much easier. I am thinking we will be doing a "fish" day tomorrow with all the boys. Ill probably put in Nemo as the movie and then well do fishie snacks and then a fishie art project! Even though I havent started homeschool yet, Im still trying to do fun activities with the kids to keep them busy this next few weeks. Hopefully it goes well.

Aug 13, 2009

Bring it back

So Ive been inspired by my friends to re up the blog and get it going again! Ive been posting on facebook quite a bit, however I would still like a place to put my random musings and fun stuff.
Im getting ready to start the homeschool year with Sam so youll be seeing posts about that. Ive also been having fun with the sewing machine so Im hoping to post some of my creations on here as well! Who knows what will inspire me!

This next few weeks not only will I have christopher but Paul as well. I thought it was going to be a struggle at best. I am finding though that it was much easier than that! They seem to be keeping each other busy and Sam is learning from Paul some of the big brother (older kid) skills that he didnt have before! Its even improving his speech just listening to Paul!

On Monday we went on a nature walk and collected items for an art project. All the boys thought it was a blast! I reget that I didnt get any photos though! Today were having more of a lax day ( I enjoy those!) and other than free play, were watching Bugs Life and then we will be going to do a bug jar and go collect bugs!

All these projects have me excited to start homeschool this year! We wont be starting until the first week of September and I cant wait!