Dec 21, 2009

Well were moiving and Im going back to school! so its been quite hectic around here.
we havent done much of any tot schooling and I know that for my resolution this year its going to be that.. I think Ill start the first week were moved in in janurary and do a review of the letters we had done and see if he remembers.. and then start there or over if necessary.

still no news on the hip. here is what we do know. I have some sort of autoimmune disease we just know know which one. Lupus is the top of the list along with some others like aplastic anemia which may require more cancer like treatments and so hey.. lets hope for the lupus huh.. haha never thought Id hear myself say that! I had my blood drawn on friday so Im hoping to know something before the holidays but im not counting my chickens so to say!

to tide you all over here are some photos of my beautiful babies!!!!

Oct 16, 2009

Photo WON!

I entered this photo in the local photo contest and won first place!!! I get to go up in a balloon next year and Lilahs photo will be in all the ads and flyers for next years races! I cant believe it! how amazing is that!

Ive been feeling kinda down about my hip and how much pain Im in and this just really perked me up!

Letter C

Well because Ive been down on a lot of days due to my hip weve only been able to do a few days a week of school. But none the less.. its going well!

We did Catipillars and the Letter C this week! The only photos I got are these! bad mommy! 
We have been doing many playgroups though! and getting ready for the next two week which is filled with playdates all the way up to Halloween! I cant wait to see my LO trick or treating.. its going to be a blast! woo hoo! 

Here is Sammo practicing.. and whats good is that every week we also do his name and review and hes getting really good at writing all his letters! 

and then the catippillar project we did! they loved it! we read Hungry Hungry Catipillar!
and of course our math puzzles and so forth.. but it was a slow week for us.. hopefully once we have answers about my hip Ill be able to do more! but for now Im happy with the progress!

Oct 1, 2009

B is for Balloon races!

I know its taken be a bit to post, things have gotten hectic and finding time to blog was not easy! I had a slip and fall and hurt my hip again. We still dont know whats wrong, Ill go for an mri this week to see if they can find out.

Delilah is now on a Nebulizer 2x a day! Were pretty sure she has asthma and giving her the treatments are no fun! Im hoping she will actually get used to it!~

So anyhow, on top continuing the homeschool, we are still doing lots of playdates with the kids. It helps break up the school week. We just do one to two things a day and then play the rest of the day. It seems to be working well for Sam. He in just this short month can now write his name! Ill have to get a photo of that for next weeks blog!

These are from the week we did B!
We went to the Balloon races which was so exciting! It was the first time our family was up at 4 am and went to dawn patrol! it was so amazing I know that it will be something we will continue to do for a long time!

We also Painted Blue B's

Sam wrote is As and Bs in his writing book

And we did some Math puzzles, which were alot of fun. you count the big one and try to match the number!

and of course I didnt get photos of everything but we also
* Read books about Bs and bees and bears etccc
* went on a B hunt
* practiced writing our Bs
* Baked cookies too
* played Baseball with a Ball and Bat

So even tough Ive changed the way we homeschool and its much less structured it works out better! like this week is the letter C which is taking about two weeks because Ive been down due to the hip and because Sam just wasnt quite getting the hang of writing Cs yet. so it was a good thing we are able to work at our own pace! I love it!

oh and one more thing I wanted to mention is that were working on our Halloween costumes! Im so excited.. its going to be a surprise!

Sep 10, 2009

A is for Alligator

Even through the pneumonia weve had a pretty good school week!

This was this weeks lesson plan part letter of the week and part my own pulled from all over! 

A as in Apple
Apples and Alligators and Ants

Ten Red apples growing on a tree
five for you and five for me
help me shake the tree just so
and ten red apples fall down below
one two three four five
six seven eight nine ten!

Alligators go Marching
APPLE like Bingo ( I Know a fruit it grows on trees and apple is its namo)
apples and banannas

Bible: Adam and Eve
Boys bible story
adam and eve coloring page
Snake art project -using a stick found going on a walk. paint it like a snake!

Math: using cheerios or other object teach addition. 1+1 etc
we also have been playing with math puzzles!

Shape: Square
go on square hunt
cut squares out of playdough
draw squares

Science: Animal Alligator
learn about alligators
talk about teeth etc

Art: Alligator paper craft ( Make an A with construction paper turn it sideways and add teeth.
finger paint "ants" with fingerprints

Sport: Act like ants or alligators crawling on the floor.

Weve done pretty good at sticking to it and working on these. of course broke up throughout the week! Im so amazed at how well Sam is picking it up. He is now Drawing squares and actually drawing the letter A! he doesnt quite get the big A little a thing yet but thats okay! Hes having fun and asks now every morning when we will do school!

Here are some photos of today.. (the one day I got the camera out!)

Sam practicing his As

His squares.. which I know kinda look more like rectangles but man hes getting it!

His A alligator project.. we took the letter A and turned it sideways.. added teeth and walah an Alligator! hes so proud too!

We also went for a long walk today. we went to 7-11 and got a slurpee, got me a haircut and to the dollar store! it was fun to be able to get out of the house now that hes feeling better! if He doesnt have a fever tonight then we still may go to gymnastics! overall though its been an Amazing and Adventurous first week!

Sep 8, 2009

The week finally begins!

Well I had to postpone the school year because I had Paul for another week. So instead of starting we continued the theme days which included watching movies like Pinnochio and then making marionettes! and then we finished off the summer with some outdoor activities! I do have photos but my battery is currently dead! Im charging it as I type so hopefully Ill get to add some photos!

We were planning on starting yesterday even though it was a holiday but Sam got sick and he ended up in the hospital with pneumonia! yuck! but today he seemed to perk up so we began!

We did letter A drawing on his white board, and read an Alligator book pointing out all the parts. Then we did some math puzzles too! Tonight we will be reading the story of Adam and Eve at bed time and hopefully we can have a real day tomorrow with activities and all!

Aug 24, 2009

Hows it been going?

How has it been going you ask?

Well mostly my answer is good! Ive been trying to keep them busy with activities and Themes. Last week on one of the days we did a Fish Theme! We watched Nemo, read fishy books like Rainbow Fish and did a fish art project.

Im enjoying these theme days. I have Paul for 2 weeks and then when he starts his school is when we will start our school as well! I want to go along the public school calendar as much as possible.

This week we are doing some interesting themes! Today for example is a "lying" theme. We will be watching Larry boy and the fib from outerspace. And reading some bible vs on honesty and will be making a belt of TRUTH! I chose to do this theme because the boys all seem to be in this lying blame game. Something will happen and they will blame someone else. Sam for instance will blame paul or christopher when they arent even here! which then he will turn and blame his sister. (that one is quite funny secretly though! the thought of my 8m old doing the things is a crack up). Or they will say "I dont know" when something happens. So Im hoping this will help.

Im still not sure what the rest of the week holds yet.. but Im sure God will reveal it to me. Ill let you know when I do! haha

Speaking of God.. haha. I have got to get better at waking up and praying for my day and for the children. One of the days last week was really hard on me and I ended up loosing it and calling my sister in tears because I was so worn out. I know God has it all under control too. but man I felt bad that day. Im choosing to get up and start the day in prayer. I think Ill even include the kids in that prayer. Soon as the boys arrive we can all sit down and pray together for the day and our actions etc..

Aug 17, 2009

Jury Duty

So I got a notice of Jury Duty a few days ago and Im still playing tag with the lady at the courthouse to find out if I can get out of it! Im pretty sure that because Im a nursing mother I can get out of it. But I need the clarification from her first! so again here I sit on hold with the office! arghh

We Have a super busy week ahead of us! Today we had the playroom play date and it was super fun! Cass came with me and that was nice for her and I to have some alone time to just sit and bond! We have way more in common than we thought! Tuesday I have all the kids(mine and Paul and Christopher) and then Wednesday we have a pump it up play date and I know the boys will be excited about that! Im hoping that no one gets hurt this time! Last time Sam bounced right out of the bounce house and we took him to the ER for fear he had a concussion! ( he didnt!) and then on Thursday we have a tour of the firestation which Im stoked about.. Sam is going to be so happy! and hopefully all this will make it till payday! Which then I need to grocery shop. Whew

Speaking of that, Im getting uber creative with the food this week as we have none! haha.. Today its mac n cheese casserole with Kilbasa! Im actually working on putting together a recipe booklet based around Wic food items. Which Im also hoping will improve once the fresh fruits and veggies come in. I know all of us Wic moms are ready for that to start! Thanks to my grandma who actually is the one who took that idea to Washington and got it passed! Go grams!

Oh and I was really excited I got a great deal on construction paper at Target. Its going to make any art projects that much easier. I am thinking we will be doing a "fish" day tomorrow with all the boys. Ill probably put in Nemo as the movie and then well do fishie snacks and then a fishie art project! Even though I havent started homeschool yet, Im still trying to do fun activities with the kids to keep them busy this next few weeks. Hopefully it goes well.

Aug 13, 2009

Bring it back

So Ive been inspired by my friends to re up the blog and get it going again! Ive been posting on facebook quite a bit, however I would still like a place to put my random musings and fun stuff.
Im getting ready to start the homeschool year with Sam so youll be seeing posts about that. Ive also been having fun with the sewing machine so Im hoping to post some of my creations on here as well! Who knows what will inspire me!

This next few weeks not only will I have christopher but Paul as well. I thought it was going to be a struggle at best. I am finding though that it was much easier than that! They seem to be keeping each other busy and Sam is learning from Paul some of the big brother (older kid) skills that he didnt have before! Its even improving his speech just listening to Paul!

On Monday we went on a nature walk and collected items for an art project. All the boys thought it was a blast! I reget that I didnt get any photos though! Today were having more of a lax day ( I enjoy those!) and other than free play, were watching Bugs Life and then we will be going to do a bug jar and go collect bugs!

All these projects have me excited to start homeschool this year! We wont be starting until the first week of September and I cant wait!

Feb 24, 2009

This is going to be a good week! it started with an awesome weekend at the park, then a nice saturday night with my parents and dinner. Today sam had his first day on the new lesson plan and other than his normal 3 year old attention span he did great and is eager to learn! Im so excited! Lilah is laughing and engaging in people more too. I did some awesome design work and a self portrait titled MOTHERHOOD! enjoy!

Feb 19, 2009

Ive been seeing the Chiropractor and my headaches have gone away, and my lower back is better but OMG today my tailbone hurts so bad. I have my boppy pillow on my chair just hoping that it wont hurt so bad to sit down. ughh. and Im exhausted today and dont know why. Maybe my iron is low??

Feb 17, 2009

and so it begins

Im going to start the homeschooling process! were currently going to use the letter of the week curricula until Sam is a bit older! but im very exited about this. and almost cried when I saw just how cabable my child really is! This weeks lesson is COWS, Squares, letter A and Number 1. all I have to do is add the bible lesson and Im set! yayaya

Feb 15, 2009

been a while

wow I dont know what happened! I just fell of the blogging bandwagon there for a bit! but Im back and Im going to post more regularly. but now theres no pregnancy to update.. because shes here. My sweet Delilah Grace Anne is here! so this blog will indeed be packed FULL of her arrival up to now photos! get ready to see some LOVIN!! and yes I put a big bow on my baby girl! when youve waited as long as I did for a girl I have the right and privilege to do so! Tomorrows Blog will be more interesting I promise!