Jan 8, 2012

Hello Seattle!

Wow its been a whole month since I have blogged. Things got pretty busy with the holidays. Then at the start of the new year I stopped my steroid treatment. Its been 8 very rough days! I knew I would have to come off of them, but I didn't know I was going to have withdraw symptoms and pain and depression. I know Ive been under attack of sorts emotionally as well. I'm feeling overwhelmed with my duties as a mom, a wife, in ministry and I don't know what the future holds for me in ministry either. I know its changing but how? Its all very stressful right now and I'm sure the pain is not helping, but man it plain ol SUCKS. No better word to describe how I'm feeling.

What I am looking forward to are a few things. First is we are taking a last minute trip to Seattle! My kids and Husband have never gone and it was a quick decision, its been a while since we have taken a family vacation, but we are very excited. Michael and Ashleigh are coming with us, so that will make the trip way more fun. We get to experience it as a family. I can not wait to breath in the "ocean" air...( its the sound and not looking forward to the Tacoma Aroma) and see the beauty and feel like perhaps I can finally decompress. Decompress from the semester, the holidays, the steroids, all of it. I need to breathe.

This song has been so fun to sing while we wait, and Sam loves looking at the photos, deciding what will be his favorite thing.

Also coming up in Feb, I get to go to Texas to see my little brother Graduate from the Air Force. I miss him a lot ( I think Sam misses him more) and even though I know I will be a bit stressed for the trip, I'm looking forward to seeing him and the new man I'm sure he has become. It will be a proud moment as his big sister.

Also, Tom and I received two date packages from our parents for Christmas. One to Tahoe to see a show and stay the night on our Anniversary. And another at the Peppermill here in town..did I mention both include babysitters! SCORE.

These are things are keeping me excited when I'm feeling BLAH. Im trying to spend time in the Word as well. But Im finding music is for now, my peace. If you liked this song, check out some of OWL CITYs other songs, They amaze me