Feb 24, 2009

This is going to be a good week! it started with an awesome weekend at the park, then a nice saturday night with my parents and dinner. Today sam had his first day on the new lesson plan and other than his normal 3 year old attention span he did great and is eager to learn! Im so excited! Lilah is laughing and engaging in people more too. I did some awesome design work and a self portrait titled MOTHERHOOD! enjoy!

Feb 19, 2009

Ive been seeing the Chiropractor and my headaches have gone away, and my lower back is better but OMG today my tailbone hurts so bad. I have my boppy pillow on my chair just hoping that it wont hurt so bad to sit down. ughh. and Im exhausted today and dont know why. Maybe my iron is low??

Feb 17, 2009

and so it begins

Im going to start the homeschooling process! were currently going to use the letter of the week curricula until Sam is a bit older! but im very exited about this. and almost cried when I saw just how cabable my child really is! This weeks lesson is COWS, Squares, letter A and Number 1. all I have to do is add the bible lesson and Im set! yayaya

Feb 15, 2009

been a while

wow I dont know what happened! I just fell of the blogging bandwagon there for a bit! but Im back and Im going to post more regularly. but now theres no pregnancy to update.. because shes here. My sweet Delilah Grace Anne is here! so this blog will indeed be packed FULL of her arrival up to now photos! get ready to see some LOVIN!! and yes I put a big bow on my baby girl! when youve waited as long as I did for a girl I have the right and privilege to do so! Tomorrows Blog will be more interesting I promise!