May 3, 2012


Well, I suppose its time I share whats been going on here. I wanted to wait until I told my work to announce it. So here it is....

We had taken a trip to Seattle in January and it was a fun family trip with the intention of introducing the city to Tom as he had never been. We thought one day we may move up there. He fell in love with the city, as did I. I lived in Bremerton from the ages of 17-20 and always wanted to move to the city.

We came home and found out we were pregnant and though that it was a sign that we were staying in Reno. Well, as you can see, circumstances changed and we began putting more thought into a move. Tom soon got word that St.Marys (his employer) had got bought out and it is uncertain if he will keep his pay grade, let alone his job. This made our decision a bit easier.  We sat down and talked about some more and spent many hours in thought and we have decided that with me graduating in December and how unstable his job is and the job market in Reno, that now was a good as time as any to go. Sam will be in first grade so its really the start of his schooling and we wont be ripping him from his friends in the middle of school as it would be if we waited a few years. The job market for someone with my degree is plentiful and really, Seattle is our happy place. We really felt like it was home. Everything about that city is us and our family. Our kids could not be more excited. Sam loves it there and if it were up to him we would have never left!

We know its going to be hard to leave our friends and family, but we know great things await us there. It is an easy 12 hour trip by car or a quick flight back to Reno. We have gotten a ton of support from our family already and will continue to need it as we begin this adventure.

The move is not planned til January of 2013 as that is when our lease is up and we can make a clean move. Tom and I are planning a trip in October to pick out a place to live and start applying for jobs. I plan on keeping everyone updated on our move through the blog, so please stay tuned so you don't miss a thing!
For now we will enjoy our last summer in Reno and spending time with everyone before we go.

Here is a little montage of our trip this year... and some of the amazing things that will become our home!