Aug 26, 2008

We have a date!!

November 30th!!!

MySpace Countdown

Aug 24, 2008

almost 25 weeks belly

okay heres my almost 25 weeker! and of course DS had to be in the photos! lol

Aug 15, 2008

getting close

My shower is coming in 6 weeks yay. and Delilah could be here in 15 weeks. Boy does time fly. Im doing well. I was on bedrest as they thought I had a shortened cervix but at the u/s on wednensday it says its fine! yay. and with her kicking all day long and next week being VIABLE week Im uber excited about this baby. so not much of an update but things are coming alot smoothly compared to sam! yay

Shower invites


I think Im in trouble

I get out of the shower and catch my son dancing and singing in this!! DH is mortified.. I on the other hand think its hillarious!

Aug 3, 2008

22 weeks

whewwwww.. almost there.. more than half way... since im going at 38 weeks ive got 16 weeks to go!!
and sam kissing sister