Aug 7, 2011

Homeade Albondigas Soup Sunday!

So in my efforts to keep meal planning going I planned this weeks meals in advance. Mondays are going to be soup days because I can make a big batch and the hubby and kids can eat leftovers the next day when Im at school till 9pm. Today is perfect because we have communion tonight and it can really stew and get more flavorful. I saw a recipe for Albondigas Soup and I am so excited about this one, I have never had it and was really wanting to try it. So I made it! 
(its a mexican meatball soup btw!)

 started to mix all the ingredients for the meatballs
(Grass fed ground beef, spicy sausage meat(pork), green chilies, cilantro, green onions, egg, rice salt, pepper and cholula)
 Had to mix it my hand...yum...( the rice is not cooked yet as it will go in the soup later)

 then I formed the balls and placed on a baking sheet

Next I started the broth..
(beef broth, water, minced garlic, diced tomatoes, green chilies, green onion, cilantro, cholula, salt, pepper)

after it boiled I added 1/4 cup more dry rice

and then added the delicious cooked meatballs.. and for my first ever meatball, it was freakin awesome!

It then stews for while. (about 4 or 5 hours on low) and the rice in the meatballs will soften and they will soak up that delicous broth! mmmm

having Mom, Sis and Jon over and we will eat it with a mexican salad, tortilla strips, cheese and of course a little wine ( beer for the boys!) 

What an awesome way to spend the day!