Dec 21, 2010


So I took down my IKEA curtains and used it to display photos in my hallway! Much better use of it if you ask me! Plus its an easy quick way to display my favorites and I can change them out whenever. Man shoulda done this a long time ago!

Oh and this is my daughter taking out the trash...without asking as I was photographing the wall! (daddy was switching bags)

Total Eclipse of my heart!

It was a total eclipse tonight and I got to take some amazing photos. Im so excited I got to get these shots!
starts around 10:40ish pm

Then I had to switch my shutter speed and iso to get this shot of the true red

Then it goes black!
if you want to see the pass back.. turn your computer upside down and scroll backwards! haha

Dec 20, 2010

Cupcakes and Dogs!

So I promised Id show you all the cupcakes I made! I know they are not as good as others but my kids still loved them. They were pottery barn kits of Star Wars and Princess.

Heres the tree.

The Princess

(star wars)

And then Saturday we went to the animal shelter and fell in love with this dog, so we had to take her home. Shes a 6 year old Beagle named princess ( how fitting) and shes amazing. Shes housetrained, loves kids, mellow and happy dog!

Dec 9, 2010

So I saw this amazing pettiskirt ( tutu) at Costco and had to have if for lilahs Christmas outfit!

but...there was no top or anything
So first I made this awesome awsome hair piece. It was so fun and I think Ill be making these for the bridesmades in my sisters wedding in june.. ( its a vintage wedding)
Then I made these yoyos and sewed them to a basic carters onsie

and of course... the finished happy girl!

Lets not forget the matching shoes I found for a steal at Hancock fabric! woot woot

Dec 7, 2010

Christmas tree time!

The photos above were take when we went to cut down the christmas tree, how cool is that!

Nov 30, 2010

Exactly Two years ago today my princess Delilah Grace Anne was born! Is this an awesome pic or what! The time flies, I cant believe shes two already, I feel like I just had her.

Christmas Decorations

Sammy really wanted to decorate the house more, he said we didnt have enough "decorating". So we made these with some scraps and construction paper! It was fun. Look at my hams!

Nov 29, 2010

Baby Legs/Legwarmers

So I was in the Crafty mood today. I finally was able to do some sewing that I miss so much. Heres what I made today:

I found knee highs on sale at Target for 2 bucks and Sam has been begging for a pair of "arm warmers"

First I cut the foot off

Then Sectioned the foot

Then trimmed the mid section so it would be nice and tight, you can leave it big for grown up though. (this will be the cuff)

Turn the middle part inside out and sew the edge

When done sewing fold it inside itself so it looks like so

Your going to place the long part of the sock inside the new cuff

Then flip it upside down like so

Then sew all 3 edges together

Flip the cuff like so and you now have a finished product!

I made a pair for Sam and a Pair for Lilah ( they don't get till Christmas!)

Nov 24, 2010


I made Lemmon Buddies with my Chex mix today. White Chocolate and Lemon flavored buddies to be exact. and YUMMO I will have to make these again~

  • Melt 1 and 1/4 cup of White Chocolate chips with 1/4 cup butter and 3tbsp lemon juice.
  • Pour melted mixture on 9 cups of rice chex in a bag
  • Shake vigerously for up to 5 min.. (not so fun)
  • sprinkle with powdered sugar and shake a bit more
  • let cool and enjoy!

Lookie what I got today!

So I signed up for this amazing thing called "MY GET TOGETHER" I think it may be run by General Mills but Im not sure. Anyhow, you sign up and get take surveys for awesome products and parties. I got selected to do the Chex mix one and I am more than happy with what came in the box! I got a box of Chex of course and a great mixing bowl and spoon, a cool bag and what was the most suprising was a VISA gift card for $10 to buy the rest of the ingredients! HOW COOL. Oh and some coupons too! Leave a comment if you want one. Its for $2 off two boxes. So basically a dollar off each box. haha. Or comment if you want to know how you can sign up for this awesome program!

(dont mind the photo I took it with my droid)

Nov 23, 2010


So we had to cancel MOPS today due to the Storm rolling in. (which is 3 days late). But I went and got to take some photos for the MOPS blog and I am so inspired by the centerpieces I had to share them here!

Love the vintage photos in this one.. So stealing the idea for Shelbys wedding!

Cloves in oranges!! simply simple! and the smell!!!! yummmo

Also Simple. Fresh cranberries and rosemary in water, with a tea light.. LOVE IT

Some photo candy!

Just a taste of some recent photos.

Sam and Anya got married!

My beautiful Delilah

Our first trip to Apple Hill! The kids had a blast and now LOVE to eat apples! horray!

And now Im really getting into taking Tattoo Photography, Specifically Christian tattoos. The one on the wrist is me!