Nov 24, 2010

Lookie what I got today!

So I signed up for this amazing thing called "MY GET TOGETHER" I think it may be run by General Mills but Im not sure. Anyhow, you sign up and get take surveys for awesome products and parties. I got selected to do the Chex mix one and I am more than happy with what came in the box! I got a box of Chex of course and a great mixing bowl and spoon, a cool bag and what was the most suprising was a VISA gift card for $10 to buy the rest of the ingredients! HOW COOL. Oh and some coupons too! Leave a comment if you want one. Its for $2 off two boxes. So basically a dollar off each box. haha. Or comment if you want to know how you can sign up for this awesome program!

(dont mind the photo I took it with my droid)


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