Sep 3, 2008

Quick update

I passed my 1 hour! woo hoo. but I failed my iron miserably! so Im taking a new Iron pill to see if I cant get that up!

Sammy got a big boy bed! and hes sleeping in it!

I got selected to do the Lipstick Jungle house party! Im stoked!

and the countdown is on for the section! woo hoo

Aug 26, 2008

We have a date!!

November 30th!!!

MySpace Countdown

Aug 24, 2008

almost 25 weeks belly

okay heres my almost 25 weeker! and of course DS had to be in the photos! lol

Aug 15, 2008

getting close

My shower is coming in 6 weeks yay. and Delilah could be here in 15 weeks. Boy does time fly. Im doing well. I was on bedrest as they thought I had a shortened cervix but at the u/s on wednensday it says its fine! yay. and with her kicking all day long and next week being VIABLE week Im uber excited about this baby. so not much of an update but things are coming alot smoothly compared to sam! yay

Shower invites


I think Im in trouble

I get out of the shower and catch my son dancing and singing in this!! DH is mortified.. I on the other hand think its hillarious!

Aug 3, 2008

22 weeks

whewwwww.. almost there.. more than half way... since im going at 38 weeks ive got 16 weeks to go!!
and sam kissing sister

Jul 16, 2008

ITS A...........

so baby was breech and wasnt going to cooperate but the doc was awesome...and 20 min later we got the good shot..
and some other profile shots! dont mind the dinosaur.. i have a frontal placenta which makes 3ds hard but I still think shes cute.. and get to go back for more in 3 weeks

I knew in my heart she was DELILAH GRACE!

time to make bows kristy!

Jul 11, 2008


well the new OB is awesome and rocks! and well the baby... DID NOT Cooperate! arghhh.. legs closed so tight the whole time! He tried to push and push and push and nothing. the good news is that while the legs were super close together, i watched and was pretty sure I still saw the 5 lines and lack of male anatomy. and I asked doc and he couldnt see any male things either.. but couldn't confirm girl. so now I have to wait untill next week. arghhhh.. wednesday!!!

and my placenta is frontal which is why im not feeling hard kicks. but baby is 9oz so far! hb was 157 and super healthy! all my tests came back normal! so now I just have to wait! but I will get a video on wednesday and hopefully she will still be a she

Jul 6, 2008

Almost 18 weeks

Jun 27, 2008

I have to get a new OB argggg

so I recieved a letter from my OB Gyns office saying that my Insurance company and them cant come up with negotiations so they cancelled the contract! OMG so now I have to find a new doc, which is so sad. Im so happy with my OB. He knows my HG and history, he delivered my son and with a repeat section im worried about getting someone whos not nice or wont offer me the care I need. Im so upset. I have a call into some friends and see who they reccomend but the list is short with that office gone...arghhh

I called the Ins. company and they wouldnt really give me info. so I called the old OBs buisness office and they said my ins is not offering competitive rates so basically the contract is in termination. they said Im covered till sept. but I dont want to switch when I could possibly have a section 2 months later.

so i got a ton of reccomendations for the same doc and I actually got in. I see the nurse on the 9th and him on the 15th. oh and when I called the old OBs to have my records sent the receptionist was a bitch. she was like why aare you switching, you have till september. Im irritatied. because I need to build a relationship with the man that will care for me and CUT me open. ya know.. so I dont care that they are pissed, they are the ones forcing me to make this decision right? am I wrong in switching now rather than later?

Jun 22, 2008

Got a new car

and now Im all set for its a Kia Sedona and wow its like luxury compared to my sable wagon.. yay

Jun 21, 2008

Almost 16 week belly shot

Here I am! woo hoo look at my belly grow!
oh and in the close up its my new Maternity necklace I got! its great it sounds beautiful and sits right on her but has a slip knot so I can adjust it! yay. and of course a few of my son.. one panning for gold at the park, and petting the ponys and the other is just hammy sammy

Jun 18, 2008

15 weeks!

no belly shot till next week! but im happy to have reached this milestone! almost out of my 4th month and i feel like unless pre term or pre E sneaks up on me then im out of the woods and on to have a safe, happy healthy pregnancy! yay! Ive been having a few crampy BH but overall feeling quite well! the meds are working and the HG seems to have been under control! yay. and just a few more weeks till we find out for sure if we are really having a Delilah!

Jun 8, 2008

13.5 weeks and my ham of a son!

we had our family reunion at the vineyard and since my brother is borrowing my camera I wont get 14 week photos so here I am a few days shy! and of course my ham of a son! lol

13.5 weeks and my ham of a son!

we had our family reunion at the vineyard and since my brother is borrowing my camera I wont get 14 week photos so here I am a few days shy! and of course my ham of a son! lol

Jun 3, 2008

2 trimester!

yay i hit 13 weeks and my second trimester today! wooo hoo ca chooo!! i feel like this is a big accoplishment and im ready for the weeks ahead. hoping this brings less sickness and more happiness!

May 30, 2008

one more

just scroll down to see the baby and the video!!

bump post

this is just a post to bump the photo down on my blog.. its hiding behind my list of so hopefully this gives it enough of a bump...

oh and we have a name!!!

My 12 week Nuchal! and its a....

Were Pretty sure its a girl!!!!! I hope this works

heres the shot that convinces us its a girl.. see the slits!

and of course my long video of the u/s! enjoy!

May 27, 2008

Back from the OB

and everything looks good! no sign of blood or where it came from! so yay! and he tried to listen with the doppler but lucky me he listened on the wrong side ( he he) so I got a quick bedside u/s! yay! its not the greatest but I got to see baby kicking like crazy! I have my big u/s on friday! woo hoo oh and heres my 12 week belly too! im getting big!

May 24, 2008

Memorial day bleeding!

so I had to go to the bathroom last night and It was "hard: but I went, when I went to wipe there was blood everywhere! I freaked out. It slowed down pretty quick but i was still scared. got the doppler out and heard the baby just fine but I was still worried about IC so this am I went to the ER and after hours in the waiting room I was brought back and they took blood, urine, did a pelvic exam and u/s . It showed my cerviz was closed and the u/s was amazing. the baby was kicking away and waving at us. and we dont know where the blood is from! so im on bed rest till I can call the ob tuesday but im at ease seeing the baby.. just wish this never happend. im sore from the foley ughhh but overall okay! scared still.

May 20, 2008

My babys HB at 11 weeks

okay girls I tried to record and she wasnt cooperating but here it is..its black to whole time so turn your volume up! Im 11 weeks today! first heard at 9 weeks. but this is the best I could get today! you can hear the HB at the start then again at 1:23 mark ant 4:06 mark. so ff! the rest is me trying to find it! lol! hope it works! yay

May 17, 2008

Day at the beach

We went to Tahoe today and it was beautiful! my camera died though so here are some shots with my cell phone! my new maternity suit and my son of course way over protected! he he.. but its like a swim vest so its fun!

May 13, 2008

10 weeks

Heres y 10 week belly shot!! I know its fuzzy! ackk.. but ill try and focus next time. Im just to tired to re do it!

May 9, 2008


We are moving in literally 2 hours.. so if no one sees me for a few days its cause were moving to the bigger house!! yay.. baby gets her own room!

May 6, 2008

9 week u/s

head is at the top. and look little fins

9 week belly shot

See kristy my love.. I have a big ol belly

the best thing just happend

okay girls guess what!!! I was trying to hear the baby on the doppler but got nothing.. then i called for sam to come and talk to her.. he said something i his 2 year old language and bam there was the HB! it only happend 2x and lasted about 10 seconds as we would get excited and loose it.. lol.. then she ran.. but OMG..9 weeks today and I heard her!!!

First OB

My first Ob appointment is today! a few more hours..I hope he will re assure me she is okay in there!

then I have to go sign papers for the new 3 bedroom we got.. yay.. oh and we may be moving over the weekend. You know its been so fun staying at my dads and all! ha ha. but yay we will get to paint at the new place so I can do a nursery.. woo hoo.. im so excited.. and trying to talk tom into a new TV cause ours is shit! I found a flat screen HD for 175 on craigslist so he may go for the deal! yay~

will update when I get home!

May 1, 2008

Home from the Hospital

so my ketones were really bad so the Matria nurse tried to come out but no luck gettin an IV started as my veins were shot! I was so upset. I was admitted to the hospital for 24 hour observation and hydration. but I went home more nauseous then i started out with. my pump had something wrong with it. my leg is all red and sore! so no pump in right now. last night I really thought I would die. i was so miserable with HG. I slept the whole day as DH took the day off. Im feeling okay this AM.. took a benadryl first thing and im trying to eat a bowl of cereal! Im gearing up for a long 7 months but boy am I tired, I know GOD is in control and doesnt want me this sick, im just taking it a day at a time right now! I hope today is better than yesterday!

Apr 29, 2008

What is HG?

Im copy and pasting from the site so you guys know what I have! the pumps I have are continous pumps of meds so I dont throw up! and more hydration is coming today! Im really bad!

Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a severe form of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. It is generally described as unrelenting, excessive pregnancy-related nausea and/or vomiting that prevents adequate intake of food and fluids. If severe and/or inadequately treated, it is typically associated with:

loss of greater than 5% of pre-pregnancy body weight (usually over 10%)
dehydration and production of ketones
nutritional deficiencies
metabolic imbalances
difficulty with daily activities
HG usually extends beyond the first trimester and may resolve by 21 weeks; however, it can last the entire pregnancy in less than half of these women. Complications of vomiting (e.g. gastric ulcers, esophageal bleeding, malnutrition, etc.) may also contribute to and worsen ongoing nausea.

There are numerous theories regarding the etiology of hyperemesis gravidarum. Unfortunately, HG is not fully understood and conclusive research on its potential cause is rare. New theories and findings emerge every year, substantiating that it is a complex physiological disease likely caused by multiple factors.

Diagnosis is usually made by measuring weight loss, checking for ketones, and assessing the overall condition of the mother. If she meets the standard criteria and is having difficulty performing her daily activities, medications and/or other treatments are typically offered.

Treating HG is very challenging and early intervention is critical. HG is a multifaceted disease that should be approached with a broad view of possible etiologies and complications. When treating mothers with HG, preventing and correcting nutritional deficiencies is a high priority to promote a healthy outcome for mother and child.

Most studies examining the risks and outcomes for a pregnant woman with nausea and vomiting in pregnancy find no detrimental effects long-term for milder cases. Those with more severe symptoms that lead to complications, severe weight loss, and/or prolonged nausea and vomiting are at greatest risk of adverse outcomes for both mother and child. The risk increases if medical intervention is inadequate or delayed.

The list of potential complications due to repeated vomiting or severe nausea is extensive, all of which may worsen symptoms. Common complications from nausea and vomiting include debilitating fatigue, gastric irritation, ketosis, and malnutrition. Aggressive care early in pregnancy is very important to prevent these and more life-threatening complications such as central pontine myolinolysis or Wernicke's encephalopathy. After pregnancy and in preparation of future ones, it is important to address any resulting physical and psychological complications.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum impacts societies, families and individuals. Recent, conservative estimations suggest HG costs nearly $200 million annually just for inpatient hospitalization. Considering many women are treated outside the hospital to save costs, the actual cost is likely many times greater. Beyond financial impact, many family relationships dissolve and future family plans are almost always limited. Women often lose their employment because of HG, and women are frequently undertreated and left feeling stigmatized by a disease erroneously presumed to be psychological

Apr 28, 2008


so today went well! baby is measuring good! we got to hear the heartbeat 165bpm! yay.. come on team pink!!!!

Apr 25, 2008

All hooked up!

Here i am all hooked up to the Iv and the regnal pump which is in my leg.. thats not fun.. but hopefully ill feel better soon!

Apr 23, 2008

freaking out

I think Im high... no shit.. I took the ambien and zofran and ail i m seein is like these movements and glitters. you should see me startin at my baby.. i swear I saw my grandmamma in the u/s in the white stuff .. holy fuck im flipping out I think Im not goinbg =========g to combine these again...

HOME IV care

So i went to the OB today and because Im so sick and my history of HG I am getting Home IVs and a reglan pump sometime in the next few days! yay!~ i know to most people having IVs at home doesnt sound pleasant but for me its great because hopefully I will start to feel more human! so ill definetly post a photo whenever it comes! at home with and IV! all for having a baby.. 100% worth it!

Apr 21, 2008

My u/s

By the way my cervix is nice and closed. the ER doc was a crock! and im still on modified bed rest as im still cramping and the emisis.. but baby has a heartbeat and is fine

Apr 19, 2008


Hey ladies.. its late

I just got home from the ER and I am balling my eyes out!

Im an emotional mess

so I go in and they did the pelvic and the guy says .. well your cervix is a bit open so its possible you will miscarry.. or are on your way to miscarry. so that threw me through a loop..

but the reason im still in tears is because they did an ultrasound and
my baby..yes my baby has a most beautiful heartbeat. I was just tearing up so bad on that u/s table. the tech was amazing and showed me it all and saw that beautiful flicker... ohhh just made my day

my numbers are in the 30 thousand and im still nauseous and cramping.. and I have an ambien so have to make it quick... this was just scary but I feel better now till my new appt time 830 instead of 430 for Monday. so Im hoping that they will have good news as well and perhaps know why im cramping so bad and why the guy thinks my cervix is starting to open...

okay night all.. I will catch up when im not doped up on ambien and semi dont forget I have my mother daughter brunch in the am.. so after that Ill be on!

OH and my babys first early hb was 114 bpm!! the ones arund 7 weeks are the sex ones.. so I hope that this means a girl as its so high for this stage... ha ha ha

Apr 18, 2008


I know its only friday but man I cant wait till monday gets here! im going insane. really. I keep telling myself something is wrong. If I cramp too much or not enough or if I happen to feel better instead of nauseous then I get sad. if my bbs dont hurt enough.. im pinching them just to see if they still hurt! Im so scared that Ill go in on monday and have them not find the baby! I know Ive been super nauseous so it seems as though everything is okay.. but I cant help with all the what ifs! This weekend Im going to moms for a mother daughter breakfast.. with my sister and my brothers gf and her mom at the church. so thankfully the weekend will be keeping me busy. but man my appt isnt till 430 so its going to drag on monday! anyhow. Just obsessing like usual and worrying like usual!

Apr 16, 2008


Okay its the second day in a row that I am feeling this sick. Its really bad. not to mention the constipation. Im just going to take it as a blessing and that it means the baby is doing well! I have had to take Zofran 2x already and looks like today again. I cant seem to get out of bed and function. my poor son is watching cartoons laying in bed with me. oh and what about the sneezing causing horrible round ligament pain.. ackkkk. okay anyhow. Monday cant get here soon enough!

Apr 14, 2008


k girls Im back from the doctor! and everything looks good! the sac is measuring good and the yolk sac is good! only the sac is differently shaped.. they wouldnt let me take a copy but I do have another u/s next monday at 430. but doc doesnt seemed worried! I am on modified bed rest and upped my suppositores.. but that should be okay.. so yaya

appt at 330 today

and when i called it seemed like they were irritated or mad at me. Like uhhh why is she calling again.. I hate that. My old RE didnt care when i called like that. they saw me right away and calmed my fears. I am just hoping that they see what they are supposed to see this early and everything is okay. and that I can go back to my OB soon. I miss him. He knows my history and is so understanding. wont get mad if i call cause of bad cramping or bleeding.. shit.. wouldnt you be scared if youve had several losses in the past and then had cramping and bleeding.. arghhhh so i dont know how today will go~

Apr 13, 2008

ER day

So I woke up to cramping.. I went to the ER as I was scared shitless! and hours upon hours later they do an u/s and beta, they come back saying that they are concerned that with my beta at 11 thousand, they should have seen a fetal pole, they did see the gestational sac, but now Im starting to think that maybe they just dont know what they are talking about.. im only 5.4 weeks. isnt it too early to see the fole? i have to call the doc in the am and see what they say.. im totally freaked out now though!

Apr 11, 2008

5 week belly shot

Apr 9, 2008

Small update

My first beta came back at 220 on 15 dpo. then sunday I was really crampy and felt like something was wrong.. so I got an u/s where they saw nothing.. its was early.. and another beta which came back at 1495! so woo hoo.. It should have been in the 800s so im well on my way. I get another on monday and then will probably have an u/s scheduled if the numbers are still good! Im thinking they are. even though Im still cramping im sure its just ligament pain as my boobs have started to get really sore and the nausia is slowly coming on! woo hoo BRING IT ON! if it makes this baby stick and healthy.. Im all for it!

Mar 31, 2008


Okay so my symptoms thus far are:

Sunday I was tired and crampy.. like low down twinges

today I have a few cramps.. and I just cant find any food appealing

Mar 30, 2008


heres the tests
First one! kinda there
soo I took the frer!!
and then tried to write the day on

Mar 16, 2008

well were moved in after the crazy situation.. and yep Im still in the same Cycle! It is never ending! arghhh so anyhow. watch the video and get updated!

Feb 28, 2008


This is not happening! prepare for a novel!

k so Im at my moms typing this from my laptop cause I cant go home!

so back-story if you all remember the neighbor who has sex and is loud all the time and well we finally called management etc...

so around 6pm i start hearing yelling like wicked fierce yelling outside.. f you b i went to the window and its the neighbor yelling at ME! my husband went outside to see what was going on and one of her bloody ( literally he had blood on him) was outside our door yelling at him saying he was going to F him up and that we dont know who were messing with etc.. so my husband turned around and went inside, we locked the door.

well they came and started to bang on our door and tried to bust in! they were yelling even more profanities saying they were going to KILL Us etc.. Im sure you can imagine what was said..

so I took sam ran to the back of the house and called the police.. they came out after about 2 minutes and the boyfriend took off ( still is missing) and they tried to talk to her, she was so drunk they were just going to let her sleep it off!

we didnt feel safe and asked them to stay around so we can pack and leave safely.. so they did and then as were loading up the car she comes to her patio and starts yelling more and then comes downstairs. she is being belligerent to the police so they put her in cuffs and into the car! and from the car she starts yelling to me you better watch your back Im going to F you up bitch etc....

the manager of our building came and said they were going to give her a 3 day eviction notice, so now Im at my moms and will be here for 3 days and then we are getting a different apartment and are moving because well of safety..

I could not make this up if I tried! what a freaking wonderful day Ive had! Im still shaking inside and scared... you know oi vey!

Feb 25, 2008

V blog

Feb 24, 2008

Sundays V Blog

yeah isnt here yet because You Tube isnt saving them.. I dont know whats up with that! Im going to try and do one later! I have got to get out of the house.. I do have an amusing story to tell.. but Ill save so I have something to say in the actual blog!

Feb 22, 2008


I went in and had my foot exrayd and turns out I broke the second bone and my entire foot is now black! I get fitted for a boot today! But on the plus side I get to start my OPKs this afternoon! yay! and will hopefully be making a baby this weekend. I do see the RE for my u/s on monday, and possibly a trigger.

Sam and I have been lounging watching cartoons all day so I can relax and get my foot up so that tomorrow at the DNC I can actually move! but I WILL be having the vicodin with me! but im not going to not go to the convention because this is a huge deal and Im really excited about it! GO OBAMA!

Feb 20, 2008


Feb 19, 2008


Video Blog finally

Feb 16, 2008

Royally Screwed

So Im freaking a mess!
Turns out that Sallie Mae just offset our tax return and took ALL of it! so now we have zero dollars and we had budgeted for that~
so now our only options are to go down to one car, and make payment arrangements on all our bills! we will try to get a loan for the rest. which our credit is kinda shotty so that may not happen! my husband wants to find a second job but then my family is going to give me the guilt trip for not having one and making him get a second! and ive tried! we are going to try and file an ammendement and reclaim half of the return so we atleast wont have a car payment which will help but it will take up to 11 weeks to even get it approved! so im a mess.. alredy 2 days into my medicated cycle.. praying it sticks so we dont have to pay the rest of the tretment! this sucks royally! life is UNFAIR! I dont have anything to sell either.. arghhhhh it all just sucks!

Feb 15, 2008

My outfit from last night!

Ill post more about my life later!

Feb 14, 2008

U/S went well

My cysts are gone and my linig is still at a 7 but he is confident it will go back down! I get to start the femara tonight and have a lovely post coitel test on the 22nd if I have a Pos OPK! and trigger around the 25th! so here we go again!!! fun fun! Im off to have some margaritas and fajitas at my bothers party! ttyl

Feb 13, 2008

Shes pokin in

I think af is here.. just pink and brown right now but im sure red by the end of the day! Ill be calling my RE to make my u/s appointment as well!

*ETA~ Full flow now and my u/s is tomorrow at 3:45

I just went shopping for a pair of black pants to wear tomorrow to the graduation and im so excited.. first i fit into a 16! and then I decided on a pair of maternity black capris! they are soo cute and only a L! so I will be able to wear them all summer! ( ive got high hopes!) and then a cute pair of black flats! ohhhh I look so cute!

and I wont mention the bag of hershey kisses I just ate.. but at least i can use AF as an excuse right!

Feb 12, 2008

Moving on

So I picked up my femara today and then went and orderd the OPK and HPTs. I got a Bfn this morning but wasnt as sad as I thought Id be. I was a tad upset when i went to Mops and saw all the pregnant women but for now Im okay. Im actually cramping really bad so Im hoping my cysts are popping and Im getting ready to bleed! I will have to have an u/s when I do bleed and thats going to cost money! erghh.. all out of pocket! so I hope we are successful with our first femara round! we shall see! at least I get to have a GiANT Margarita now at my brothers graduation! woo hoo for that! ha

Feb 11, 2008

New Couch Video

New Plan

So when af ever decides to show I will go on femara days 2-6 and have an u/s on day 12 and then a trigger whenever I get a pos OPK. So I found some cheap strips at and I think they are who I got the ones from my last pregnancy with sam! so maybe it will be good luck! 20 opk and 20 hpt for 20 bucks so not bad! and they are super sensitive.. just what a poas addict needs right! so even though shes not here and im still partially hopefull im also looking foreward to the next round.. maybe a thanksgiving baby! ( that would mean no cooking okay anyways! Im feeling better about it now that we have a plan!

Feb 9, 2008

Kicking me in the arse

I feel so just blah! Im so tired! Watched Across the Universe and fell asleep half way through! Tht is my favorite movie! its crazy! I keep having these pregnant dreams too or child dreams! I had one last night where we foster to adopt these sets of siblings and I was so happy! then bam I woke up and reality hit! you cant be section 8 and foster here so thats cut off! oh but if I have my own child thats fine! whatever! effing government! Im also hacking up a lung or two. its disgusting! oh and did I mention that deep down im hoping the test was done too early and there is still hope that I may infact be pg! Im not testing till tue am if af doesnt show! but still I almost want her to show so I dont keep holding on to that hope! 

My little man is sick! He threw up at my moms today and has slept most of the day with a bark and a fever as well! Im starting to think that maybe this anemia I have his hereditary and thats why the two of us get sick whenever anyone is sick around us! our Immune systems are just low! and I feel bad that I passed that on to him. you know at the WIC office they did mention that his iron was low but it never actually occured to me that he too could have anemia and that it too could be bad as mine ( which I didnt know was so bad!) 

okay anyways, looking forward to tomorrow because we get our new couches and I am glad at least I have something to look forward to! 


I just feel like I want to curl up in a ball go to sleep and never wake up! I am so weak today and the anemia seems to be getting worse! and I feel stupid for thinking I was pregnant, then I went to the pharmacy to fill the femara and it was 150 so that sucks and hopefully wont bleed untill I come up with that ammount! and Im scared about the transfusion or rather the possibility of one! I have no energy and Im pale today! lifting my arms takes work! 

Im going to just lie in bed and watch movies and eat and sleep! I hate this! 


after 8 hours in the ER i am not pregnant! im so sad! my beta was negative! but i do have two lovely blood filled cysts! and my anemia is so bad that if it gets so low i need a blood transfusion! nice huh!

wheres the liquor

Feb 8, 2008


well it could have been an evap? I dont know! theres something there but I just dont know! it shows up fast.. but I could also have a case of the poas vision! ahhh this is taking forever to know! I just want it to be true so bad!! GOD please let me be pregnant! I cant test tomorrow.. i need to wait untill sunday and see what that one says! No POAS BRIE!!!

Feb 7, 2008

I tested again

and possibly have a faint line.. im talking microscopic and you have to angle it to see it. but even though im not counting it as a positive im counting it as HOPE!

working on it

This is brie and due to drama I made another blog! hence the SECRET! anyhow! for the new people who read this I am ttc #2. I took 3 medicated years and 3 miscarriages to get sam. on femara and glucophage! and so here we go again. 65 lbs later and a dose of clomid that worked we actually ovulated and Im excited about possibility it brings! I have so much hope for this cycle! I hope to do some video blogging in a few days and see what that brings! anyhow.. enjoy!