Feb 25, 2008

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Just Me said...

GOOD LUCDK!I wish you nothing but the best.

Kristy said...

oh sweetie *HUGS* I totally know how you feel. Last year when we were ttc I got pregnant twice on clomid so when I went in for another cycle for my ultra sound I had expected the really nice follies that I was used to and I was let down with small numbers. I had to go on 2 days of follistim injections a total of 300iu and my little 11mm follies went to 24mm follies in the two day span, I ended up ovulating on cd 20 with a trigger shot of corse. I know it is tough when you go in and expect to see what you have in previous cycles, but just for the fact that this cycle is differant could very well mean it is going to end differant. If God wants this cycle to be the one it will be, regardless of what the numbers are. Just stay strong and keep your chin up. I am praying for you and I wish you only the best!!!!!

Brie said...

thanks for the encouragement guys!

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