Feb 12, 2008

Moving on

So I picked up my femara today and then went and orderd the OPK and HPTs. I got a Bfn this morning but wasnt as sad as I thought Id be. I was a tad upset when i went to Mops and saw all the pregnant women but for now Im okay. Im actually cramping really bad so Im hoping my cysts are popping and Im getting ready to bleed! I will have to have an u/s when I do bleed and thats going to cost money! erghh.. all out of pocket! so I hope we are successful with our first femara round! we shall see! at least I get to have a GiANT Margarita now at my brothers graduation! woo hoo for that! ha


Kristy said...

Im praying for you sweetie! you can get this!

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