Feb 22, 2008


I went in and had my foot exrayd and turns out I broke the second bone and my entire foot is now black! I get fitted for a boot today! But on the plus side I get to start my OPKs this afternoon! yay! and will hopefully be making a baby this weekend. I do see the RE for my u/s on monday, and possibly a trigger.

Sam and I have been lounging watching cartoons all day so I can relax and get my foot up so that tomorrow at the DNC I can actually move! but I WILL be having the vicodin with me! but im not going to not go to the convention because this is a huge deal and Im really excited about it! GO OBAMA!


Kristy said...

oh my goodness girl!!! your poor foot! lol woohoo for opk's and baby dancing lmao I can just picture you doing the deed with a boot on your foot hahaha! I hope it heals soon :) hugs!

Jena said...

Good luck on the babymaking. No need to post details. ;-)
Now, tell me more about the convention. I heart Obama, too!

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