Feb 13, 2008

Shes pokin in

I think af is here.. just pink and brown right now but im sure red by the end of the day! Ill be calling my RE to make my u/s appointment as well!

*ETA~ Full flow now and my u/s is tomorrow at 3:45

I just went shopping for a pair of black pants to wear tomorrow to the graduation and im so excited.. first i fit into a 16! and then I decided on a pair of maternity black capris! they are soo cute and only a L! so I will be able to wear them all summer! ( ive got high hopes!) and then a cute pair of black flats! ohhhh I look so cute!

and I wont mention the bag of hershey kisses I just ate.. but at least i can use AF as an excuse right!


Drama Free Momma said...

I love ya!

Kristy said...

wohooo yay for af!!! yay new cycle, new start! woot! Your outfit sounds darling, you better take pics to share!!!

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