Feb 8, 2008


well it could have been an evap? I dont know! theres something there but I just dont know! it shows up fast.. but I could also have a case of the poas vision! ahhh this is taking forever to know! I just want it to be true so bad!! GOD please let me be pregnant! I cant test tomorrow.. i need to wait untill sunday and see what that one says! No POAS BRIE!!!


Mommy Dearest said...

Ok before I read I want to tell ya how to make list lol..At the right hand top of your blog you will see costumize click on that.Then at the bottum of the next page it will say sdd page element.Click on that then add link list its pretty easy yah add the link then hit save then edit it by adding the name on the first line blah blah blah.But hey dont add my name if your gonna have others from chat that I dont want to know about my page lol.

Mommy Dearest said...

Fingers Crossed and legs to at this point lol.

Drama Free Momma said...

Oh erase those comments lol!

Kristy said...

my fingers are crossed and prayers are being said!

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