Feb 11, 2008

New Plan

So when af ever decides to show I will go on femara days 2-6 and have an u/s on day 12 and then a trigger whenever I get a pos OPK. So I found some cheap strips at and I think they are who I got the ones from my last pregnancy with sam! so maybe it will be good luck! 20 opk and 20 hpt for 20 bucks so not bad! and they are super sensitive.. just what a poas addict needs right! so even though shes not here and im still partially hopefull im also looking foreward to the next round.. maybe a thanksgiving baby! ( that would mean no cooking okay anyways! Im feeling better about it now that we have a plan!


Kristy said...

yay for a new plan!! Im so happy to hear you in better spirits. I will pray that af comes and brings you a wonderful cycle :)

Brie said...

Thanks Kristy! your always so cheerful! and it makes me smile!

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