Feb 28, 2008


This is not happening! prepare for a novel!

k so Im at my moms typing this from my laptop cause I cant go home!

so back-story if you all remember the neighbor who has sex and is loud all the time and well we finally called management etc...

so around 6pm i start hearing yelling like wicked fierce yelling outside.. f you b i went to the window and its the neighbor yelling at ME! my husband went outside to see what was going on and one of her bloody ( literally he had blood on him) was outside our door yelling at him saying he was going to F him up and that we dont know who were messing with etc.. so my husband turned around and went inside, we locked the door.

well they came and started to bang on our door and tried to bust in! they were yelling even more profanities saying they were going to KILL Us etc.. Im sure you can imagine what was said..

so I took sam ran to the back of the house and called the police.. they came out after about 2 minutes and the boyfriend took off ( still is missing) and they tried to talk to her, she was so drunk they were just going to let her sleep it off!

we didnt feel safe and asked them to stay around so we can pack and leave safely.. so they did and then as were loading up the car she comes to her patio and starts yelling more and then comes downstairs. she is being belligerent to the police so they put her in cuffs and into the car! and from the car she starts yelling to me you better watch your back Im going to F you up bitch etc....

the manager of our building came and said they were going to give her a 3 day eviction notice, so now Im at my moms and will be here for 3 days and then we are getting a different apartment and are moving because well of safety..

I could not make this up if I tried! what a freaking wonderful day Ive had! Im still shaking inside and scared... you know oi vey!


Kristy said...

omg girly!! how frigtning! Im so glad you guys were able to get out of there safe. wow, I am just speechless! It just goes to show that you never know what will make others snap..and something as simple as a call to managment due to! I hope you guys are able to find a new home asap and get on with your life with a feeling of saftey again. I will keep you guys in my prayers!!!

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