Feb 16, 2008

Royally Screwed

So Im freaking a mess!
Turns out that Sallie Mae just offset our tax return and took ALL of it! so now we have zero dollars and we had budgeted for that~
so now our only options are to go down to one car, and make payment arrangements on all our bills! we will try to get a loan for the rest. which our credit is kinda shotty so that may not happen! my husband wants to find a second job but then my family is going to give me the guilt trip for not having one and making him get a second! and ive tried! we are going to try and file an ammendement and reclaim half of the return so we atleast wont have a car payment which will help but it will take up to 11 weeks to even get it approved! so im a mess.. alredy 2 days into my medicated cycle.. praying it sticks so we dont have to pay the rest of the tretment! this sucks royally! life is UNFAIR! I dont have anything to sell either.. arghhhhh it all just sucks!


Kristy said...

oh sweetie Im so sorry! I know it is hard and money tends to cause alot of added un-needed stresses. Try to hang in there and keep your chin up. Try to be as stress free as you can for the sake of your cycle and nerves. I know it is hard but stress dosen't solve the problem, it only adds too it by making you a mess. Everything will be ok. I will keep you in my prayers. Do what you can and God will do what you can't.

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