Feb 9, 2008

Kicking me in the arse

I feel so just blah! Im so tired! Watched Across the Universe and fell asleep half way through! Tht is my favorite movie! its crazy! I keep having these pregnant dreams too or child dreams! I had one last night where we foster to adopt these sets of siblings and I was so happy! then bam I woke up and reality hit! you cant be section 8 and foster here so thats cut off! oh but if I have my own child thats fine! whatever! effing government! Im also hacking up a lung or two. its disgusting! oh and did I mention that deep down im hoping the test was done too early and there is still hope that I may infact be pg! Im not testing till tue am if af doesnt show! but still I almost want her to show so I dont keep holding on to that hope! 

My little man is sick! He threw up at my moms today and has slept most of the day with a bark and a fever as well! Im starting to think that maybe this anemia I have his hereditary and thats why the two of us get sick whenever anyone is sick around us! our Immune systems are just low! and I feel bad that I passed that on to him. you know at the WIC office they did mention that his iron was low but it never actually occured to me that he too could have anemia and that it too could be bad as mine ( which I didnt know was so bad!) 

okay anyways, looking forward to tomorrow because we get our new couches and I am glad at least I have something to look forward to! 


Kristy said...

I have yet to watch across the universe, I have it but haven't taken the time to watch it, but after reading what you had to say about it I think I will be watching it very soon! Im sorry you aren't feeling well sweetie! It is always good to have hope, at times it is hope that keeps us going. And darling it is possible that they tested too early, anything is possible! Just keep that chin up and keep marching on one day at a time. Wohoo for new couches, how exciting! you better share pics with us :) I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

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