Sep 10, 2009

A is for Alligator

Even through the pneumonia weve had a pretty good school week!

This was this weeks lesson plan part letter of the week and part my own pulled from all over! 

A as in Apple
Apples and Alligators and Ants

Ten Red apples growing on a tree
five for you and five for me
help me shake the tree just so
and ten red apples fall down below
one two three four five
six seven eight nine ten!

Alligators go Marching
APPLE like Bingo ( I Know a fruit it grows on trees and apple is its namo)
apples and banannas

Bible: Adam and Eve
Boys bible story
adam and eve coloring page
Snake art project -using a stick found going on a walk. paint it like a snake!

Math: using cheerios or other object teach addition. 1+1 etc
we also have been playing with math puzzles!

Shape: Square
go on square hunt
cut squares out of playdough
draw squares

Science: Animal Alligator
learn about alligators
talk about teeth etc

Art: Alligator paper craft ( Make an A with construction paper turn it sideways and add teeth.
finger paint "ants" with fingerprints

Sport: Act like ants or alligators crawling on the floor.

Weve done pretty good at sticking to it and working on these. of course broke up throughout the week! Im so amazed at how well Sam is picking it up. He is now Drawing squares and actually drawing the letter A! he doesnt quite get the big A little a thing yet but thats okay! Hes having fun and asks now every morning when we will do school!

Here are some photos of today.. (the one day I got the camera out!)

Sam practicing his As

His squares.. which I know kinda look more like rectangles but man hes getting it!

His A alligator project.. we took the letter A and turned it sideways.. added teeth and walah an Alligator! hes so proud too!

We also went for a long walk today. we went to 7-11 and got a slurpee, got me a haircut and to the dollar store! it was fun to be able to get out of the house now that hes feeling better! if He doesnt have a fever tonight then we still may go to gymnastics! overall though its been an Amazing and Adventurous first week!

Sep 8, 2009

The week finally begins!

Well I had to postpone the school year because I had Paul for another week. So instead of starting we continued the theme days which included watching movies like Pinnochio and then making marionettes! and then we finished off the summer with some outdoor activities! I do have photos but my battery is currently dead! Im charging it as I type so hopefully Ill get to add some photos!

We were planning on starting yesterday even though it was a holiday but Sam got sick and he ended up in the hospital with pneumonia! yuck! but today he seemed to perk up so we began!

We did letter A drawing on his white board, and read an Alligator book pointing out all the parts. Then we did some math puzzles too! Tonight we will be reading the story of Adam and Eve at bed time and hopefully we can have a real day tomorrow with activities and all!