Apr 14, 2008

appt at 330 today

and when i called it seemed like they were irritated or mad at me. Like uhhh why is she calling again.. I hate that. My old RE didnt care when i called like that. they saw me right away and calmed my fears. I am just hoping that they see what they are supposed to see this early and everything is okay. and that I can go back to my OB soon. I miss him. He knows my history and is so understanding. wont get mad if i call cause of bad cramping or bleeding.. shit.. wouldnt you be scared if youve had several losses in the past and then had cramping and bleeding.. arghhhh so i dont know how today will go~


Kristy said...

Im sorry sweetie! I dont see what the big deal is, you pay for your visit so it is more money for them. The snot at the front desk is always rude to me when I call.. so I know how you feel. I said a few prayers for you last night and I know that everything will be ok at your apt today. that baby is growing and snuggling in really tight for a nice long stay!!!! Please let me know how it goes, I will be going nuts here wondering about you!!!

Kristy said...

praying praying praying and thinking of you!! I am hoping that apt is going well!!!

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