Apr 16, 2008


Okay its the second day in a row that I am feeling this sick. Its really bad. not to mention the constipation. Im just going to take it as a blessing and that it means the baby is doing well! I have had to take Zofran 2x already and looks like today again. I cant seem to get out of bed and function. my poor son is watching cartoons laying in bed with me. oh and what about the sneezing causing horrible round ligament pain.. ackkkk. okay anyhow. Monday cant get here soon enough!


Kristy said...

yay for the joys of pregnancy! :) I have non stop constant nausea then I will feel fine and I eat something and Im back to feeling ill. I have found popsicles are the only way to go! keep growing little baby!!!! goodness they have your us at 4..holy cow, I would die all day lmao thankfully mine is at 8am and it is an hour drive so I will bea headed there at 7! yay! keep the updates comming, I think about you all the time!

Mommy Dearest said...

Hey those are the blessings you get when your carring a miracle.Sit back and try to enjoy them lol.Just think soon you will be past the sickness and into the eating everything in site.As for the ligament pain make da hubby rub your legs each night it may help.Good Luck!

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