Apr 14, 2008


k girls Im back from the doctor! and everything looks good! the sac is measuring good and the yolk sac is good! only the sac is differently shaped.. they wouldnt let me take a copy but I do have another u/s next monday at 430. but doc doesnt seemed worried! I am on modified bed rest and upped my suppositores.. but that should be okay.. so yaya


Kristy said...

I knew everything would be ok :) Im glad to hear your apt went well!!! grow baby grow! take it super easy!!

Mommy Dearest said...

I told ya everything would be ok.Now join me in bedrest but bring a mask lol.

Tru said...

Hmm sac shaped different? I don't know to much about things like that but makes me think of identical twins before they can be seen separate. Good luck girl! Love ya!

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