Apr 21, 2008

My u/s

By the way my cervix is nice and closed. the ER doc was a crock! and im still on modified bed rest as im still cramping and the emisis.. but baby has a heartbeat and is fine


Kristy said...

oh thank goodness! ER docs are idiots! omg! that pisses me off! i am soo soo happy that your cervix looks nice and your little miracle is nice and strong! I have been praying for you! whew, you made my day! YAY!

Belle said...

Yea I have NEVER found a ER dr worth a anything! F'ers made you worry all weekend.UGH! Anyhow congrats and keep on that bedrest girly!

Mommy Dearest said...

I am glad they were wrong I knda knew they were lol.Anywhos glad all is looking good.I am happy for you now get your buns in bed lol.

missi said...

oh goodness brie, i'd like to go smack that ER dr. for doing that to you.HUGZ.....
coming from someone who really dealt with cervical incompetence, i dont know how thats possible to misdiagnose but hey!
good luck and prayers are with you, and congratz again. glad all is well for you and baby.

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