Apr 19, 2008


Hey ladies.. its late

I just got home from the ER and I am balling my eyes out!

Im an emotional mess

so I go in and they did the pelvic and the guy says .. well your cervix is a bit open so its possible you will miscarry.. or are on your way to miscarry. so that threw me through a loop..

but the reason im still in tears is because they did an ultrasound and
my baby..yes my baby has a most beautiful heartbeat. I was just tearing up so bad on that u/s table. the tech was amazing and showed me it all and saw that beautiful flicker... ohhh just made my day

my numbers are in the 30 thousand and im still nauseous and cramping.. and I have an ambien so have to make it quick... this was just scary but I feel better now till my new appt time 830 instead of 430 for Monday. so Im hoping that they will have good news as well and perhaps know why im cramping so bad and why the guy thinks my cervix is starting to open...

okay night all.. I will catch up when im not doped up on ambien and semi dont forget I have my mother daughter brunch in the am.. so after that Ill be on!

OH and my babys first early hb was 114 bpm!! the ones arund 7 weeks are the sex ones.. so I hope that this means a girl as its so high for this stage... ha ha ha


Kristy said...

aww sweetie hang in there and keep that faith going. if your cervix is opening can't your dr sew it shut?? I will keep you in my prayers! come on monday get here fast! be sure to take it super duper easy this weekend, keep your feet up.

Tru said...

Wow girl what a stressful thing to go through. Everything but that cervix thing sounds fantastic, so keep positive and let's hope that dude was wrong. Like Kristy says, can't they stitch that baby in? Good luck with it all! Love ya!

Kristy said...

here it is monday...I am thinking about you and have been all morning. I hope your apt goes well.

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