Apr 13, 2008

ER day

So I woke up to cramping.. I went to the ER as I was scared shitless! and hours upon hours later they do an u/s and beta, they come back saying that they are concerned that with my beta at 11 thousand, they should have seen a fetal pole, they did see the gestational sac, but now Im starting to think that maybe they just dont know what they are talking about.. im only 5.4 weeks. isnt it too early to see the fole? i have to call the doc in the am and see what they say.. im totally freaked out now though!


Tru said...

Cramping can be totally normal hun. Look how high your beta number is, shows good signs of a sticky baby. Don't stress out, book your 7 week u/s, go see that baby's heartbeat and then just relax and totally enjoy these 9 months! Love ya!

Kristy said...

I will keep you in my prayers sweetie! Your beta is outstanding! I dont think the ER docs know fully what they are talking about, I would go into your dr and see what he says. Try not to stress sweetie pie. Everything will be ok.

Mommy Dearest said...

Maybe theres more then 1 and yeah at 5 weeks its to early to see anything.Goodluck and your beta is crazy good so try not to worry so much.

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