May 20, 2008

My babys HB at 11 weeks

okay girls I tried to record and she wasnt cooperating but here it is..its black to whole time so turn your volume up! Im 11 weeks today! first heard at 9 weeks. but this is the best I could get today! you can hear the HB at the start then again at 1:23 mark ant 4:06 mark. so ff! the rest is me trying to find it! lol! hope it works! yay


Tru said...

OMG that is so precious! I love it, and in between I hear your heart beating for your lil baby in there. Muah loves ya!

Mommy Dearest said...

Thats way kewl thanx for sharing with us.She/he is just dancing around in there right now has so much room soon tho not so much room and you will be able to catch the HB better.

Kristy said...

beautiful! the sound of a baby's heartbeat has to be the most beautiful sound in the world, simply breathtaking!

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