May 24, 2008

Memorial day bleeding!

so I had to go to the bathroom last night and It was "hard: but I went, when I went to wipe there was blood everywhere! I freaked out. It slowed down pretty quick but i was still scared. got the doppler out and heard the baby just fine but I was still worried about IC so this am I went to the ER and after hours in the waiting room I was brought back and they took blood, urine, did a pelvic exam and u/s . It showed my cerviz was closed and the u/s was amazing. the baby was kicking away and waving at us. and we dont know where the blood is from! so im on bed rest till I can call the ob tuesday but im at ease seeing the baby.. just wish this never happend. im sore from the foley ughhh but overall okay! scared still.


Mommy Dearest said...

Oh My that is scarey..I hope everything will be fine.I am gonna ask a TMI lol.Were ya doin a number 2 lol caz maybe just maybe you busted a hemoroid.I get them near the pooty area when I was pregnant and after thanx kids lol.Once I busted one so bad during my pregnancy with one of the girls they had to carterize it.I so know I tore up the spelling on that word lol.Just something to think about.Now rest and let us know what happens at OB on monday.

Kristy said...

whew! so glad to hear everything is ok! you know it urks me how us pregnant women have to spend HOURS waiting in the waiting room at the ER! ugh! Glad the baby, cervix, blood work and you were all fine. continue to take it easy and my thoughts will be with you! I can understand how scary that would have been. Thinking of you and that little kicking baby :) I couldn't believe how much sweet tart was moving about, it is so amazing!!!

Belle said...

I agree with Jamie! Same thing happened to me at 9 w, went to potty and blood in my panties like WHOA. I freaked out, just knew I had lost the baby and ran to the ER. Umm did I feel dumb when they said "welcome to pregnancy and hemroids"! So something to think about! Good luck though chic.

Tru said...

Oh my hun I am glad to hear everything is ok, when you posted that message on my facebook I was freaking out! But I can only guess what it was from. At 22 weeks I had a gush of blood come out and it slowed down to nothing like you had said. It was caused by placenta previa. Did they check where the placenta was? If it is even just slightly over the uterus it can bleed out as your stretch. Good luck hope you get your answers hun! Love ya!

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