May 30, 2008

My 12 week Nuchal! and its a....

Were Pretty sure its a girl!!!!! I hope this works

heres the shot that convinces us its a girl.. see the slits!

and of course my long video of the u/s! enjoy!


Kristy said...

awwww!!!! it does look like a little girl! I hope at my ultra sound next week sweet tart isn't shy! I can't wait to find out! love the video, such a beautiful baby!

Mommy Dearest said...

How preciuos lemme guess is the name Delilah I am sure I messed up that spelling lol but love that name lol.Glad everything is looking good!

mommy2carston said...

ugh i wrote a long comment and it didn't work because i wasnt signed in.

Anyways, GIRL GIRL GIRL!!! Makenna's girl shot looked just like that at 16 weeks. Also, Carston was for sure a boy at his NT scan and people called me a liar. We won't go into that but that is for sure a girl and I would be totally shocked if it turns out a boy!

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