Jun 27, 2008

I have to get a new OB argggg

so I recieved a letter from my OB Gyns office saying that my Insurance company and them cant come up with negotiations so they cancelled the contract! OMG so now I have to find a new doc, which is so sad. Im so happy with my OB. He knows my HG and history, he delivered my son and with a repeat section im worried about getting someone whos not nice or wont offer me the care I need. Im so upset. I have a call into some friends and see who they reccomend but the list is short with that office gone...arghhh

I called the Ins. company and they wouldnt really give me info. so I called the old OBs buisness office and they said my ins is not offering competitive rates so basically the contract is in termination. they said Im covered till sept. but I dont want to switch when I could possibly have a section 2 months later.

so i got a ton of reccomendations for the same doc and I actually got in. I see the nurse on the 9th and him on the 15th. oh and when I called the old OBs to have my records sent the receptionist was a bitch. she was like why aare you switching, you have till september. Im irritatied. because I need to build a relationship with the man that will care for me and CUT me open. ya know.. so I dont care that they are pissed, they are the ones forcing me to make this decision right? am I wrong in switching now rather than later?


Kristy said...

aww I am so sorry! I would have been crying my eyes out. Insurances really anger me at times! It is very good that you switched early in your pregnancy then later.

Mommy Dearest said...

You are absolutely correct in switching now instead of later.That receptionist must be freaking stupid to even say a thing.She must not have givin birth or else she would know how getting to know your doc is a must.GoodLuck

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