Nov 29, 2010

Baby Legs/Legwarmers

So I was in the Crafty mood today. I finally was able to do some sewing that I miss so much. Heres what I made today:

I found knee highs on sale at Target for 2 bucks and Sam has been begging for a pair of "arm warmers"

First I cut the foot off

Then Sectioned the foot

Then trimmed the mid section so it would be nice and tight, you can leave it big for grown up though. (this will be the cuff)

Turn the middle part inside out and sew the edge

When done sewing fold it inside itself so it looks like so

Your going to place the long part of the sock inside the new cuff

Then flip it upside down like so

Then sew all 3 edges together

Flip the cuff like so and you now have a finished product!

I made a pair for Sam and a Pair for Lilah ( they don't get till Christmas!)


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