Oct 16, 2009

Letter C

Well because Ive been down on a lot of days due to my hip weve only been able to do a few days a week of school. But none the less.. its going well!

We did Catipillars and the Letter C this week! The only photos I got are these! bad mommy! 
We have been doing many playgroups though! and getting ready for the next two week which is filled with playdates all the way up to Halloween! I cant wait to see my LO trick or treating.. its going to be a blast! woo hoo! 

Here is Sammo practicing.. and whats good is that every week we also do his name and review and hes getting really good at writing all his letters! 

and then the catippillar project we did! they loved it! we read Hungry Hungry Catipillar!
and of course our math puzzles and so forth.. but it was a slow week for us.. hopefully once we have answers about my hip Ill be able to do more! but for now Im happy with the progress!


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