Aug 24, 2009

Hows it been going?

How has it been going you ask?

Well mostly my answer is good! Ive been trying to keep them busy with activities and Themes. Last week on one of the days we did a Fish Theme! We watched Nemo, read fishy books like Rainbow Fish and did a fish art project.

Im enjoying these theme days. I have Paul for 2 weeks and then when he starts his school is when we will start our school as well! I want to go along the public school calendar as much as possible.

This week we are doing some interesting themes! Today for example is a "lying" theme. We will be watching Larry boy and the fib from outerspace. And reading some bible vs on honesty and will be making a belt of TRUTH! I chose to do this theme because the boys all seem to be in this lying blame game. Something will happen and they will blame someone else. Sam for instance will blame paul or christopher when they arent even here! which then he will turn and blame his sister. (that one is quite funny secretly though! the thought of my 8m old doing the things is a crack up). Or they will say "I dont know" when something happens. So Im hoping this will help.

Im still not sure what the rest of the week holds yet.. but Im sure God will reveal it to me. Ill let you know when I do! haha

Speaking of God.. haha. I have got to get better at waking up and praying for my day and for the children. One of the days last week was really hard on me and I ended up loosing it and calling my sister in tears because I was so worn out. I know God has it all under control too. but man I felt bad that day. Im choosing to get up and start the day in prayer. I think Ill even include the kids in that prayer. Soon as the boys arrive we can all sit down and pray together for the day and our actions etc..


Sarah said...

Some great themes! I really like the moral teaching (lying) idea. Thanks for following my blog. you may want to also follow my home school blog

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