Aug 13, 2009

Bring it back

So Ive been inspired by my friends to re up the blog and get it going again! Ive been posting on facebook quite a bit, however I would still like a place to put my random musings and fun stuff.
Im getting ready to start the homeschool year with Sam so youll be seeing posts about that. Ive also been having fun with the sewing machine so Im hoping to post some of my creations on here as well! Who knows what will inspire me!

This next few weeks not only will I have christopher but Paul as well. I thought it was going to be a struggle at best. I am finding though that it was much easier than that! They seem to be keeping each other busy and Sam is learning from Paul some of the big brother (older kid) skills that he didnt have before! Its even improving his speech just listening to Paul!

On Monday we went on a nature walk and collected items for an art project. All the boys thought it was a blast! I reget that I didnt get any photos though! Today were having more of a lax day ( I enjoy those!) and other than free play, were watching Bugs Life and then we will be going to do a bug jar and go collect bugs!

All these projects have me excited to start homeschool this year! We wont be starting until the first week of September and I cant wait!


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