Dec 21, 2009

Well were moiving and Im going back to school! so its been quite hectic around here.
we havent done much of any tot schooling and I know that for my resolution this year its going to be that.. I think Ill start the first week were moved in in janurary and do a review of the letters we had done and see if he remembers.. and then start there or over if necessary.

still no news on the hip. here is what we do know. I have some sort of autoimmune disease we just know know which one. Lupus is the top of the list along with some others like aplastic anemia which may require more cancer like treatments and so hey.. lets hope for the lupus huh.. haha never thought Id hear myself say that! I had my blood drawn on friday so Im hoping to know something before the holidays but im not counting my chickens so to say!

to tide you all over here are some photos of my beautiful babies!!!!


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