Jan 3, 2010

The New Year Begins

Well we did it.. we made it to 2010!

Im happy to report that we are all moved into our new home. Its so nice and it actually feels like a home not an apartment. Its close to my school and to bible study for fridays. Which by the way I am so excited about. I know God has an amazing plan for our group. I cant explain it but it just feels right. I can feel Gods presence when were there!

No news really in the health department. They are going to give me a trial of 3 months on the ferrous gluconate to see if I can stabilize my Iron serum levels. They think its just a form of anemia and for now it just has to be monitored so we can see what type it is. And no news for the hip either but I am going to start water therapy for it and I hope that I can actually keep it up. My fear is that while Im excited about it now, I may end up just giving up.

So this week we have no cable ( technically were not supposed to have Internet either but someone around here has an unsecure connection). anyhow without TV I was able to really get a jump on my homeschool planning and I think Im going to really change it up a bit. I need to make it attainable. Before when I had mon - Fri planned out, it rarely went as planned and I would feel like a failure. So Im doing a LOOSE weekly guide where I can pull from it and do it as I go about the day. NO set schedule. Which Im hoping will work for me as Im a NO schedule type of person. Yes Im organized but I dont like to have specific times for things. Even when it comes to my children. We dont have certain nap times or eating times. we sleep when were tired and eat when were hungry. it works for us.

anyhow here is my guide for this week.

Click the photo to see full size

hopefully I can keep this up and post one each Sunday night.

I also have a slight fear of being over whelmed with whats on my plate. Not only being a homeschooling mommy but a youth leader, a small group leader, student and now PT patient. It does seem like a lot to be given to do but I have faith that GOD wants me doing each of these things and will give me the strength I need to do them. I also understand that He may end up calling this to change and Im OK with that too. I just need to keep listening and praying!

I wanted to mention also that I have been reading this awesome book by Rob Bell called Velvet Elvis. It is inspiring me to think beyond whats told to me about the bible. To have open discussion about it and investigate it on my own. Not to discover what I think it means but to discover what GOD is saying. What is the actual context behind what is says. What does HE mean~ It really is opening MY eyes to questions. Which is even awesomer (is that a word or is it brienese) because Pastor Tony has been doing just that these last two weeks in service. INSPIRING me to think beyond what Ive been told! like did you know that it actually doesnt say anywhere in the bible that "God doesnt give us more than we can handle". WOW I have been quoting that for years.. because It was told to me and I just went with it. Today we learned to read the context of certain verses. In this particular case GOD isnt saying that at all. The closest thing we get is 1 Corinthians 10:13 and what HE is actually meaning is that God does not give us any TEMPTATION we can not say NO to. He offers us escape from temptation.

man I could go on about all the stuff that Ive been inspired to THINK about. but I wont. I just wanted to share my excitement with you!


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