Jan 5, 2010

The Week has begun

Yesterday was the first day of the week and It started out amazing. Im very encouraged by the start! Not only has the Homeschool front been good.. so has the homemaker! I found this great calendar on that is a list of housekeeping ideas for the day.. its been a great way to keep up on the cleaning! Its been good to start out the day by waking up to coffee and feeding the kids breakfast, then cleaning up around the house till about 11, then we do an hour of homeschool. Then lunch then lunch clean up, then its quiet time till 2 or 230. (lilah naps and sam reads quietly in his room) while I get anything else done I need.. then up and we play some games and color or whatever! then 4 daddy comes home and we start dinner and then starting jan 25th I go to school for the evening and daddy puts the kiddos to bed! whew.. but Im loving it!

So anyhow.. the review went well yesterday. Sam did much better actually than I expected! He had ABC down pat and did much better with adding and subtracting too. We did pattern blocks too. And some Starfall. We are learning about Van Gough and drew these fabulous mini vangoughs!


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