Mar 13, 2011

Documentaries and Cloth Diapers.

So I'm making it my mission to watch all 17 documentaries on this list! (all though Ive already seen a few, Ill watch them again !)I don't know how long it will take but as I watch them I will review them and kind of give my reaction to them.

DIRT- watched on hulu, it was a quick watch so good if you don't have a lot of time. It wasn't life changing though, it did give me a new perspective on dirt and compost etc.. but I'm also not quite in the composting "green" as of yet. It did however, make me really want some good organic wine!

FOOD MATTERS- We watched this a few weeks ago so its not as fresh on my mind but it made us realize a bit more about the nutrition value of food and this is how GOD intended it to be. Did you know that they are able to treat cancer with high doses of Vitamin C, something GOD made yet we are banning here in the U.S. because of the pharmaceutical companies pockets? This was part of the reason we added so many vitamins to our diet and why we as parents decided to be sure our kids were eating nutritionally dense foods. Fun fact from this film: 2 handfuls of cashews can equal one Prozac! Its a pretty educational film and I think a must watch.

SUPERSIZE ME- We watched it again today, partially because it will be on my exam for my nutrition class. Which by the way I also think that every person should take. I am learning so much about my food and it is only cementing this new lifestyle of ours and making it more solid! Okay, back to SSM, amazing, and disgusting all at the same time. My husband was sure it was going to make him crave McDonalds but by the end of it he to is on the NO FAST FOOD train! Here is an article I read recently about mcnuggets.. and ewweee, butane..really. I cant believe I fed that to my children. From all the illness my family suffers from, I have to wonder if its partially because of the way we eat? I know Spurlock took it to the extreme, but really how much of this also can hold true to other processed foods we Americans eat?

THE FUTURE OF FOOD- WOW, first it was slow, but the more we watch the more we couldn't take our eyes off it. It goes into more depth and detail about GMO, what it is, how its made and the effects it has. It was sad at the same time. We watched it in two parts, after just 30 min I went to bed thinking that MONSANTO was pure evil. I still feel that way, how can we as humans and Christians be so opposed to Gene modification in humans but not our food that we are feeding our children? We gasp at the though of someone modifying our embryos but not when it comes to our food? God made all the plants the right way with the nutrients we need to survive, how can it be okay to change it and say WE can do better than GOD! This film will teach you about the process and patents that go into GMOs. Companies like Monsanto are saying these will cure hunger famine when really its just causing more by the way they are running it and putting farmers out of work. Hunger is not a issue of amount of food, its an issue of access to food. How can we continue to turn a blind eye? No more for my family, we will vote with our forks and our budgets by not buying food made with GMOs, we will support our local farmers and get the future of food changed! check out to learn more. and watch this film!

Ill post more as I watch them!

Now on another subject we have decided to try and Cloth diaper:
We only started two days ago and so far so good, it does take work and Im reading everything I can get my eyes on about it. My friend Kat let me borrow a few to test out, Im thinking I like the old fashion pre folds with covers over the aios, I think the changing may be easier as most times I only have to change the inside and not the whole diaper as with aio's ( all in ones) and that means less money for us. We have now gone two days without using a single disposable. So far our favorites are the G diapers with cloth inserts and flip covers. Ill also keep updating the progress as we move forward for a healthier family and a healthier world!


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