Jun 14, 2012

June Birchbox

So you wanna see what came in this months birchbox? Well its a good thing I made a quick video to show you just that ;)

If you are interested in getting one CLICK HERE and sign up. Im loving it and I cant wait to get the July box!

In other news, I will be finishing up my internship in August. Its very bitter sweet. I will be missing my friends and the work but I know it means that its that much closer to the big move. We think we are going to fly instead of drive for our visit coming in Sept/Oct. Keep checking back to see the latest! 


Mooninmygarden said...

Fun! I just reviewed my past three months of boxes on my blog too. That leave in UV spray sounds fabulous. I think it's hilarious you loved the Tili bag and I totally knocked it.

Brie said...

I know, Im actually using it for storing my foil samples.. haha. If it was not a bonus I would have been more mad.

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