Oct 30, 2012

Been sick and busy busy busy

Oh goodness. I know my blog has been so quiet. I am not kidding when I say I have been busy. Both kids in Gymnastics and my full into the semester as well as me getting this darn cold for what seems like forever. ( in reality its been about 3 weeks).

So thought Id give a rough rundown for you all:

First I cannot believe that I forgot to post this. I finished my first 5K. Yes me, brie, I did it. It was such an accomplishment and I am so proud of myself.

A little video for you all.

And now if you all have not been checking out my youtube channel.... which you should. Here are the last few videos I did.


I know, I know I have yet to update for October. I am thinking what I will do is break it up into products I love instead of the boxes themselves? We will see. But hey, keep on the lookout.

oh and if you haven't already, follow me on twitter. I keep up there a bit more often. @brienicole


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