Jan 2, 2013

2012 year in review

Well it's been a busy year with loads of changes. I don't want to bore anyone so ill try and be swift. It was a big emotional year filled with ups and downs and lots if "moves".

Moved on from trying to have another baby.
Moved on from my internship.
Almost moved to Seattle
Sam moved up to the competitive gymnastics team.
Moved onto graduating this coming year.
Moved and changed and learned from the universe.
And finally moved into a new house which included moving to new school.

I feel like this year was the start of moving on. No more TTC, that ship has sailed and it's time to focus on my kids future which includes traveling for the start of Sams gymnastics career. Finding Delilah's passion (maybe ballet?) and focusing on their Academia. Sam is at one of the top schools in reno and I can't believe how smart he is.

I'll be finishing school this semester and will be graduating in May. So let the job hunt begin!

Some pretty big changes in my beliefs, which will have to be discussed at a later date when I'm ready to deal with the backlash and comments. For now though I'd like to let it be what it is. But rest assured I've never felt better or happier and "clearer" (is that a word?) and closer to the ones I love. I cannot wait to see what 2013 brings!


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