Aug 18, 2013

If we build it... he will spin

haha. had to go with the cheese title, but we did need to get Sam a mushroom. They run around $310 plus shipping and look like this

A: We don't have that kind of money laying around...
B: I consider myself pretty crafty

So I took to the internet and found a mom in my situation who built her own, and following her lead. We did too!

Carpet padding - $15
Wood Circle - $10
Vinyl - $7
Wood Glue - $3
Planter -$19
Screws - $5
Staples/Staple Gun - $ Free ( we had one already)

First we traced the wood circle on the carpet padding and cut circles and built them up.
Then with the wood glue we glued them together on the wood board. 

We added on on top to give it a smoother finish

then flipped it upside down on top of the vinyl and started stapling.

The finished dome!

To finish, we screwed the bottom of the planter ( which is a thick plastic one that looks like faux wood) to the bottom of the dome.

And WALA we have our at home ultra dome mushroom.

It is slightly taller than an ultradome and will soon flatten like it should, but all in all, not bad and will get the job done!

I took some animated photos too. haha..

Little video I did


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