May 20, 2011


Productivity and creativity are two of my favorite things, and today I was able to expand on those with some fun and easy tools. I have an iPad, and thanks to adobe I know have some brilliant apps that make my life easier. They introduced some new apps this month and I knew I just had to have them . The first is adobe nav. Which basically puts my photoshop tools onto my iPad for quick and easy switch between and access. I can then also view all my open files on the IPad and then get up and walk my iPad down the office to display the work in real time. How cool is that!

The next one is more of a quick idea on the go app. I can sketch and paint my inspiration quickly and easily whenever I want at the swipe of my finger. And the control is amazing. It is like a water color effect Which I not really know but I am now eager to learn. The artwork above is something I did in about 30 min in bed, it's a sketch of my son Sam. I got about halfway through the coloring process when I realized I need MAJOR work..haha but this may be fun.  This app is simply called adobe ideas.

Check it out!


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