May 27, 2011


So this Dove ad has been getting a lot of controversy and as a designer (someone who actually puts together ads) I think its rather stupid and hilarious. (You can read the full article HERE) Basically what they are alleging is that Dove is racist. Now I know this is in itself a controversial subject but COME ON, really? Its mostly about how the women are lined up, left to right, from dark skin to light skin and thicker to thinner. I seriously doubt that Dove had the intent that they were going to make a plump black woman into a skinny white woman. Sure its probably bad placement with the juxtaposition of the BEFORE and AFTER text, but not the intent. I happen to think that its aesthetically pleasing with the specific poses, and often in designing an ad, the photo is taken and then graphically put together. I give praise to Dove for using "Real" women in their ads, showing all shapes and sizes. I think that in general we have become too sensitive and too politically correct as a nation and need to get over it. Not everything has an underlying meaning. Some need to just get a life if they are really agonizing over this. What do you think? is it racist?

as John Stossel would say " Give me a break"....


Jacqui said...

I saw nothing wrong with this ad, until I read your description... I never once thought that the before and after meant the women. Geesh. I agree that we, as a society, have gone a bit too far towards the PC/sensitive side.

Brie said...

Thank you! and yes, where do we draw the line?

Ericka said...

There is nothing wrong with this ad...if people think it's racist, THEY, are likely racist. Wimps.

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