Jun 29, 2011

Family Dinner night

So tonight we had family dinner night. I made garlic and basil polenta with red sauce and Parmesan. Spinach and arugela salad with artichoke hearts, red and green peppers and croutons..yumm.
The kids said it was super yummy ( the polenta) and loved it. It will be a staple from now on for sure.
It was good to be able to sit down and actually have a dinner with too, we talked about future plans, things they would like to do..mosty that involved candy and the x-box.  It was good for Tom and I to sit down too. We have been talking about some things in our life and it was good to just and work out all the little details. So heres to another yummy family dinner night!


Bret Simmons said...

Yummy! My wife and son left yesterday for a 5 week trip to Korea, so today my daughter and I figured out a routine to do laundry, dishes, and cooking - things we never had to worry about! We had fun together at Costco trying to figure out what we wanted to eat. Yours looks better!! Keep up the great work here!

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