Jun 16, 2011

Quick update before the weekend begins!

Its going to be a crazy busy weekend here. My little sister is getting married tomorrow! We've been planning this day for a year and now its finally here. Im excited for them and excited for it to be over and to get back into the swing of things. We have rehearsal today and then family BBQ on Saturday with all the family in town, but this includes swimming in moms pool so that's even better. Then fathers Day on Sunday. Wheeww.

We've actually been doing well at the family dinners, the goal was once this week, but It was twice. I made delicious Carrot, Garlic, Rosemary, Lemon Thyme Orszo ( seen in photo) and some roasted potatoes and artichokes. ( we had other things obviously..but those were the family table ones).

With this week being so busy its been hard, We are eating out 2 times this week. Sunday and Monday were good, Tue we had a pizza party for Sams little league, so that sucked. then Yesterday it was subs and tonight and tomorrow its wedding food. Although I am very excited that the place we are eating serves Organic meats! woo hooo! Also, its farmers market season and Im going to take advantage of that! (even though Ill miss tonights) Im going to try and make the saturday morning one if I can get myself out of bed in time from the wedding night.. haha. I still will have sunday too I guess if I miss it. 


Ericka said...

I keep missing the farmer's market here too...I am excited to get to it this week (I HOPE!!) because we will be doing a bunch of canning at the end of the week...:)

Brie said...

Ohh Im going to start canning too, I got the Ball houseparty kit, cant wait

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