Oct 15, 2011

Roman Shades from pintrest

So I found a tutorial for doing roman shades from pintrest. My blinds were in bad bad shape. Yellow, bent and broken. They were desperate for a much needed an update. So this was a fun DIY projcect for me.
the fabric and fabric tac was a total of 15 bucks and time spent was about an hour.

Here are the deconstructed blinds

Tommy very proud of the new bone work

here they are layed on the back of the fabric and glued to the fabric with fabric tac in 6 incriments. ( in hindsight I should have done 4. )

Here he is hanging them up, you can see that I did not center the fabric quite right so the seams on the ends are uneven. But only noticeable when pulled down in the day time. Usually they will be up so its not a huge deal, but good lesson. 

Here they are pulled down. Its a bit uneven and taken with my cell phone. but as the day went on the wrinkles went away. 

 and walahh.. here they are rolled up! (see why 4 may have been better) but the more I use them the better those folds will be. Still, with all its diy faults it is a major improvement to the blinds that were there and it ties the kitchen to the living room nicely. 


Mooninmygarden said...

Oh those turned out fabulously! I am definitely gonna have to try this, my blinds are ruined on the bottom from my kitties climbing into the windows.

Brie said...

Thank you! I just noticed myself in the reflection.. no bra! ackk

Anonymous said...

Very good idea!

Waseem said...

So simple....look smart and it.

Roman shades concord, ca

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